Relaxation and Meditation Audio/Video

Diaphragmatic Breathing

Take 6 minutes to practice correct diaphragmatic breathing. This practice is proven to reduce stress and, with practice, can be employed when needed to improve focus and reduce anxiety. Diaphragmatic breathing is something we knew at birth.  But, we can lose the ability to breathe in a healthy manner as we age.

Meditation for Clarity and Purpose

Take 10 minutes to be guided into gentle mediation. At the end, you will find a clarity of mind and an ability to think purposefully that can be accessed in many situations. The practical power of meditation is revealed. 

Mountain Meditation

The purpose of a mountain meditation is to "become grounded and access our inner strength and stability when faced with stressful and challenging circumstances, both internal and external." This meditation gives a sense of both peace and firm foundation. This particular mountain meditation was written by Jon Kabat Zinn.

Mindful Breathing

Take 3 minutes whether it be at your desk, a comfortable chair, or any safe place that you can stop and get control of your breathing and your nervous system. If you are not in a place where you can close your eyes, follow my voice and watch the calming images. With practice, you can regain control of your breathing and lower your anxiety on command.

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