Nature Connection  Experiences, Workshops

Start with a Nature Connection Workshop and stay tuned for our our great nature experiences when we can resume group events. 

Guided Mindful Hikes

Need to get away from it all? One of the keys to getting the most out of a hike is to engage your senses to the nature around you, notice your surroundings. Brienne picks from multiple local venues to provide an immersive "green" experience that will help you put aside current stresses and rejuvenate.  

Yoga Hikes

Join Aimee and Brienne and combine the innumerable benefits of nature, yoga and relaxation.   

Nature Excursions

Join Aimee and Brienne for an immersive nature, yoga and relaxation day trip. Revive, relax, reset, renew.  

Natural Retreats

Register for one of our International retreats where we combine yoga, wellness, relaxation, meditation, gratitude, hiking and natural beauty in our "Activities of Daily Thriving" transformative breatheIN2IT vacations. 

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