The Future of Stress Management is HERE, Now

Personally, I have gained so much from my work at breatheIN2IT. Aimee and I love the science that supports what we do. Testimonies also bolster our work and we want to reach so, so many. Knowing what we do, and continually seeing not just the science but the practical reality of the benefits of what we teach, we envision a future aspect of healthcare that is coming on fast, and has arrived here at breatheIN2IT. One day not too long from now, perhaps after your annual physical, visit to a therapist, or before being released from a hospital procedure, you may be asked the following:

What kind of relaxation techniques do you use and how often? Are you a meditator?

  1. Do you have a regular gratitude practice?

  2. How often and in what ways do you stay connected with nature?

  3. What is your stress level 1-10 and do you have an awareness of how that affects your body and mind?

  4. What is your social support system and do you have a system of giving back to others?

  5. What is your understanding of positive psychology techniques and adaptive response?

  6. Tell me about what exactly you eat and when, your sleep routine, and your exercise routine?

  7. Do you have a creative outlet?

The above eight pillars of well-being and stress management are supported and gaining more support daily by research, health and educational institutions, proving their profound connection and correlation to reduction of disease incidence, improved positivity, resilience, productivity, health, and happiness. 60-80% of doctor's visits have stress as the underlying cause.

Some of these, especially the lifestyle questions regarding diet, exercise and sleep, you may have been asked already. BUT, interestingly, we now know that healthy and adaptive lifestyle choices are made MUCH MORE ACCESSIBLE if you are NOT undergoing chronic stress (which most are to some extent). So the other 7 pillars are key. We need to address the stress head on. And, the great news is that we can. From our homes, offices, checkout lines, cars and classrooms.

As we wait for these powerful pillars to make their way even more into the modern lexicon and discourse, at breatheIN2IT they are accessible now. The PART Program combines some of the most powerful, natural and accessible techniques to manage stress, improve positivity, resilience and ability to access inner peace. Join the breatheIN2IT tribe of PART students who are literally changing their experience of life.

We LOVE what we do. I experience the benefits myself and see how they are changing lives. I look forward to a time when what was once considered "alternative" moves into a solid, mainstream place in the health and well-being professions. It's starting and it's REALLY exciting.

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