Story Time with breatheIN2IT - the Rebel Fall Leaf

Story Time with breatheIN2IT;)

"Once upon a time (last Saturday), Aimee was at Ohiopyle State Park watching leaves float down the river, caught in the current, tracking quickly towards the falls, the bubbles, each other and the fray and push of water, jostled against the rocks. One leaf, however, was moving in the opposite direction. This leaf appeared no bigger or smaller than the others, no more apt to be able to avoid the crush and flow. It was perhaps moving a bit slower in its course, but with a seeming purpose and direction.

The End."

Likewise, all that we teach here at breatheIN2IT works to counter the current culture of stress, pace, negativity, loss of personal and natural connection, loss of peace and ease. As Dr. Henry Benson of Harvard Medical School notes, the future may well belong to those who can access the body/mind ability to counter chronic anxiety. We must learn to live more relaxed and positively despite the "current" culture of technological, speed-based attachments and personal/natural detachments, thus avoiding system deterioration and dis-ease.

The leaf chose a different path... "and that made all the difference." - Robert Frost

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