Channeling Ferris - Our Top 11 Strategies for Inner Ease NOW

Take just 3 minutes to maybe change your day

No matter what your background, religion, or situation, almost all of us could use some serious strategies RIGHT NOW to keep our energy battery fuller and our entire being calmer. Here are my goals today, and the next several days, inspired by the one and only Ferris, that I very much want to to share with all of you.

  • Mindfulness: to every activity, interaction or focus today, see if you can let the "speed train of the mind thoughts" pass through without latching. No judgement, and just be in the moment with the task. Bringing in love can really help with mindfulness. A sense of caring for all. Do whatever you need to do! Be fascinated by your fingers as they cook, wrap, take out the garbage. If outside, breathe the cooler, damper air - how does it feel on your nostrils, in your lungs? Notice the change of light? How does your mood change? When talking, take your time, and really listen to what is said and felt. Paying attention to someone is a great and under appreciated gift.

  • As the snow comes to Pittsburgh, or whatever weather greets you in your part of the country, watch the snow fall, or the rain, listen, observe.

  • Gratitude - for everything that you do today, whether it be good, hard or indifferent, find the good. Bring in thankfulness for technology that allows connection, a warm house, medical staff that are helping you or a loved one, the dimmer light that brings a time to be more introspective and invites calm. As of yesterday, our days now get longer! Feel the hope!

  • Plank - I am kinda serious here. Can you do something to get the body moving or balance energetically? Some gentle stretches, a quick walk, pulling your huge teenagers out of bed (watch your lower back;).

  • Eat moderately, enjoyably, with gratitude, slowly, taste everything.

  • MOVE SLOWLY. Exaggerate it at first. Just...move...slower. I am trying right now to type slower. Being that I have to watch my fingers as I type, mercy it's a break for the eyes.

  • Maybe you do not have to make another trip out. As I considered that I had not MADE ANYTHING sweet to eat for my family this month, I contemplated three trips to grab ingredients. Thankfully for the fam and me, as I am not a great cook, I caught myself, pared it down to one ingredient and one store, close by. But truly, I did not really have to go.

  • Let go of perfect. Let it go now. I am lovingly raising my voice (just a tad for emphasis) at you and me...LET IT GO!

  • Just "be" for just a bit. Can you just be? Can we release ourselves from feeling like we have to be productive every single moment? My mantra today is "Just be Bri. Just be." Unfortunately, (heavy sigh,) this may not rhyme for you with your name. Perhaps some creativity, "Just chill Bill, just chill." Or, pace Grace, just pace;).

  • Drink water. Drink water again. Have a warm drink to soothe you inside.

  • Do your mindful breathing. Take a time out. Close your door. Breathe. Listen to the Gratitude Practice below.

Who to bring forward today? Bring ourselves. Bring us at the core. At the core when we are present and full of gratitude, without all the layers of stress, trying to be perfect, negative bias, common thought distortions, inner voice critique, we are more peaceful. We are light.

Below find a link to our gratitude practice that we just uploaded if interested. You can just relax, sit, or lay down, be at peace and listen. Just this one practice can change the tone of your day. Find a quiet spot. Put the headphones on. Or, share with who you are with.

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