5 Steps to Start the Day Right - Before You Even Get Out of Bed!

When I was a child, I would come slowly to post-slumber consciousness with a cozy, warm, sleepy, safe feeling and either get up slowly or roll over and go back to sleep if possible. Pretty much able to drop off to slumber land at a whim.

Today for many of us, it is a different story altogether! We may wake up with:

- immediate feeling of stress or worry

- grabbing for phone to check the time, but then get sucked in to checking everything else too:)

- needs of children

- thoughts that immediately go to to do list or outside state of things

- thoughts of past or future

So, let's do this differently! No tech yet if possible - alarm clock instead of your phone - with a nice ring tone;). You can avoid the phone notification and social media/email sink hole this way.

When we wake up with these 5 steps, it sets a nervous system and thought pattern tone that can carry forward to the day, and certainly affect our care for self and interactions with others. These five steps move you immediately into the present moment and a positivity base to build your day from:

1. Smile - Immediately smile and keep smiling as you stretch like a cat. When you do this, your brain gets a shot of some really good and natural positive chemicals and your body does too. Smile even if you don't feel like it. There is science behind the smile, even if it not real, that can move you towards a real smile!

2. Breathe - As we teach in our core courses, paying attention to breath for just a bit can help quiet the mind that may go right to anxious thoughts. Use our techniques!

3. Nature - Have nature close at hand. if you have a plant or nature picture that you love in your room, look right at it as you breathe in and out. Look out your window if the natural world is accessible. The calming and positive effects of nature connection are astounding.

4. Gratitude - Perhaps think about the blessing of a new day! Pull in any kind of gratitude for what is good in your life, whether it be that your hands are working great, that your family is healthy, that you have food for breakfast, a job to go to, something you are looking forward too - many choices that may not be the obvious ones.

5. Imagine and Intend - Shift from that state of gratitude to thoughts or a mental picture of your day going well! A positive picture going in is nothing but good vibes and intention setting.

NOW rise from bed with a shifted perception. The five steps can take anywhere from two to ten minutes. If you follow with meditation in your home spot and/or some yoga, great! We can teach you those. But in the meantime, try the five steps. Try every day for a week. What changes for you?



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