Move from anxiety and overwhelm to a confident YOU who consciously chooses to engage in life from a space of positivity, calm and centeredness and who successfully responds to life’s adversities in a mindful, proactive, decisive way. 

Because, yes, you can thrive!

Stress can become our constant, disruptive companion...

Sometimes stress is good. It makes life interesting, keeps us engaged, safe and on our feet. Sometimes stress can hit us out of the blue. Life can take an unexpected turn and our steadiness gets upended. But stress also has the tendency to accumulate in our lives, especially if we don’t pay attention to its subtle warning signs. Some annoyance here, a little irritability there, not enough sleep one night, then another one and then some more. In modern culture, stress has become our constant and baseline companion.  It just won’t go away.  We are always running and seldom if ever slowing to live each moment. We feel like we have lost our ability for joy, true connection, and calm. 

When we find ourselves in that situation, it’s important to know that

  • you can’t ignore stress - because once you’ve passed that threshold of healthy stress, it can do serious damage to your physical, emotional, and mental health

  • you can’t white-knuckle your way through stress - because our minds just don’t work that way

  • you can’t outrun stress - because your body just can’t create enough endorphins to sustain a runner’s high long enough

The only way out of stress is through it. And this is exactly what we are going to do in our signature program PART PLUS, gently, slowly, with guidance, practice and a whole lot of self-love.


Instructor: Aimee Lamendola, co-founder of BreatheIN2IT 


Program at a Glance

  • 9-week course with weekly 90-min zoom calls.

  • Introduction to PART (Positivity and Relaxation Training), based on evidence-based research by Herbert Benson, MD (Harvard Medical School).

  • Daily text reminders, support and inspiration.

  • Weekly e-mails to prepare for class and to review after, with action items for the week.  

  • Educational Manual/Workbook prepared by the Benson Henry Institute.

  • Mutual support from a community of other participants who stay together for the length of the course.

  • Price: Three monthly payments of $227 each. 

The Experience

  • Learn meditation techniques that help you relax without “checking out”.

  • Practice cutting out automatic negative thoughts and catastrophizing

  • Improve your ability to stay in the moment, calm, fully present and aware of the joy that every moment presents to us.

  • Recognize and change or stop individual thought patterns and emotional responses that add to your stress

  • Cultivate creativity, humor, gratefulness, and positivity to strengthen your resilience and prevent stress building up inside.

  • Renew your commitment to making healthy lifestyle choices. 

  • Tips and practices that promote restorative sleep


The program is grounded in the science-based Positivity and Relaxation Training (PART) curriculum, developed by Benson Henry Institute/Mass General Hospital and Harvard Medical School and introduces you to MindBody techniques that promote health, happiness, deep relaxation, self-care and general wellbeing. Blending MindBody practices with humor, creativity and adaptive thinking, PART is a recognized and effective stress management, anxiety relief and resilience building tools.

For the duration of the course we will explore meditation techniques, mindfulness practices, lifestyle, and the teachings of positive psychology, experience their impact on deep relaxation, and practice together so that what we learn in the course can stick and be available to us whenever we need it.

Takeaways for You 

  • Guidance for daily practices that can easily be integrated into busy lives and effectively enhance overall wellbeing.

  • Improved ability to relax at any given time by applying breathing exercises and mantras that calm your nervous system and make it almost impossible not to relax.

  • Better focus and ability to concentrate for longer times through improved physiological balance

  • Build your confidence through daily integration of practices that provide a reliable/predictable positive impact on your wellbeing, resilience and centeredness.

  • Know that you can weather a good storm because of your inner strengths and enhanced resilience.

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