The Nature Connection


"Between any two pines is the doorway to a new way of life."


~ John Muir


The great outdoors! Topic of thousands of books, articles, poems, musings, audio recordings and - more recently - at the center of the attention of researchers and scientists who are investigating the benefits nature has on our health & wellbeing.

From shinrin-yoku, or forest bathing, to eco-therapy and biophilic design researchers have confirmed the many healing aspects of our natural environment that unfold their magic when we are outside or even when we bring natural elements inside to our homes and offices. Nature has proven to be a master healer of insomnia, stress, lack of vitality, brain fog, a feeling of being disconnected from our true, authentic self and more serious emotional, mental and physical ailments. 

The number of immersive nature retreats is on the rise - opportunities for people to spend a couple of days or weeks at a resort far away from modern civilization, disconnected from the rest of the world, completely immersed in nature. The idea of leaving a stressful life behind us for several days and doing nothing but breathe fresh air, go for long hikes, sit at the beach or just lay down in the grass for a couple of hours and look into a deep blue sky until we are feeling better is quite tempting. 

Unfortunately for many of us this will just remain an idea. An elusive concept that’s not going to happen in our life. Because, let’s be honest, who has the time to do that very often? And how many times have you gone out for a quick walk to clear your mind, only to find out that your inner mind chatter and all those unpleasant inner dialogues came along with you, so by the time you arrived back home you felt that you got some exercise but were you more relaxed? No. Happier? Nope. 

So how do I tap into the healing power of nature and why are so many experts talking about the fact that our well-being depends on re-connection?

You can prepare your mind and soul for nature experiences that have a profound impact on your state of mind, your overall wellbeing, your health and happiness. Our course, The Nature Connection (TNC), will do exactly that. It will help you call in the deep calm, serenity, authenticity and wellbeing that re-connection with the natural world provides. Whenever you need it. Wherever you need it. Even a little TNC goes a long way. Join us today!


Instructor: Brienne Sembrat, MOG, WFR 

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Program at a Glance

  • Date: 6-week online course from March 24-April 27 

  • Location: online.

  • Price: two monthly payments of $138 each.

  • Weekly 60-min educational classes on Zoom.

  • Daily texts and weekly synopses with inspiration and education.

The Experience

  • Brienne Sembrat, certified Mindful Outdoor Guide and Wilderness First Responder, will take you on a discovery tour through new ways of experiencing nature and its benefits. Sit spot recordings & guidance for mindful outdoor experiences help us open up our senses to the outside and let nature sink into all pores of our physical, emotional and spiritual body. When we are in nature, we are more connected to our true self. The course teaches you how you can make that deep connection on a regular basis and amplify the impact nature has on your health, wellbeing and happiness.  

  • For the duration of 6 weeks you will be guided by an expert trainer and be surrounded by a supportive community who embarked on the journey with together you and will share the experience.


  • Each class begins with a nature scene relaxation that prepares us for the experiences we are going to explore.

  • Discover ways to bring outdoor elements inside your home or office.

  • Learn how to use nature connection to balance the side effects of technology and isolation.

  • Gain a better understanding of the emotional, physiological and spiritual benefits of being in nature.

Takeaways for You 

  • Become your own healer by applying daily nature immersions and connection as a remedy for automatic negative thoughts, emotions that wear you down and other disruptors of your emotional, spiritual and physical health.

  • Move from perceiving nature as something “out there” with little connection to your life to cultivating a deep connection with nature and enjoying outdoor immersions, indoor connections, and mindful walks/hikes as an important contributor to your (and your family’s) health, wellbeing and happiness. 

  • Deepen your connection to nature and receive its healing benefits whenever you are surrounded by nature.

  • Enhance your future outdoor experiences by applying the tools and techniques learnt in the course.

  • Enjoy how even short outdoor breaks have a deep impact on your health & wellbeing.

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