Mindful Hiking

What is a mindful hike?

A mindful hike is a way to slow down, open the senses and increase our relationship with, experience in and connection to the natural world.  When we enter the land with relaxation, quiet, awareness and gratitude, we can access EXPONENTIALLY the peace, well-being, restoration and numerous other science proven benefits that the natural world, our true home, has to offer. 


What will I do on a mindful hike? 

  • Introductions and welcome! Brienne then will orient you to the place you are walking with some history and perhaps other interesting things to think about.  

  • We wear small headsets so that we can spread out on the hike, be safe and yet listen to the guided mindful experience. Participants walk in peaceful silence while Brienne leads with prompts and suggestions.  

  • We will stretch a bit, center with some mindful breathing and other stress releasing, mind calming exercises that will help us to enter the trail in a calm and receptive manner, ready to receive and be aware of whatever the forest has to offer that day.   

  • Enter the forest in silence and walk with awareness. We will walk gently and quietly, with open senses to nature. 

  • Stop to gather as a group and then break out to individual spots in the forest to enjoy a 10-20-minute sit-spot practice. 

  • Gather as a group in a seated circle and share our experiences. Relax and listen. 


What should I bring?

Wear weather-appropriate clothing and hiking shoes or footwear for uneven trail terrain and to match the weather that day and season.  Suggest to wear long pants to protect your legs as we do sit on the ground at points.  Please bring a backpack with something to drink, perhaps a snack. If you would like a cushion to sit on during our sit spot practice, please feel free to bring one.  Hiking boots or shoes are highly recommended.


What is a sit spot?

A sit spot (or secret spot) is simply a favorite place in nature that you visit regularly to cultivate awareness as you expand your senses and study patterns of local plants, birds, trees, animals, etc.


What is the council gathering?

When our personal sit time has concluded, we come back together as a group and gather in a circle.  Each person is then given the opportunity to share his/her experience of nature meditation, which allows each member to benefit from the wisdom contained in the whole. Council is based on ways of communicating that can be found among indigenous societies the world over. 


Do events take place in inclement weather?

We believe that being connected with the elements is a powerful tool. Our events will take place in rain and snow. If we find that conditions are dangerous (e.g.,  high winds, lightning), we will reschedule and provide a make-up date for the event.


How long is the walk and is it difficult?

We will offer different time, lengths and terrains for our walks. When we offer a Mindful Hike, you will know how long, what the land is like, and suggestion of difficulty if there is any. Some walks we call "hybrid" as they will be part mindful and then part social hike at a bit faster pace. .  


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