Learn how to manage stress and access a life of inner peace, heart intelligence, connection, resilience, and positivity in a live Zoom format where community and education will
make true and lasting change a reality.

the future of stress management and peace in life is right here...

You Are in the Right Place

  • Does stress, anxiety or overwhelm affect your enjoyment of life, block connection, zap energy and derail productivity? 

  • Would more positivity benefit you?
  • Would more resilience to stressful events benefit your personal and/or professional life?

  • Would you like to have more energy at the end of the day?

  • Do you long to be more relaxed and in the moment?

  • Do you value productivity and creativity and wish you could tap into those qualities more often? 

  • How would a toolbox of easily accessible techniques and practices to mitigate stress, reframe negative thoughts and improve your day to day life experience feel?

Intention             Education                Awareness                 Practice       

Breathe Into a New Day 

Through our Zoom PART Plus (Positivity, Relaxation, Resiliency Training), "Living from the Heart," and Nature Connection Programs, based on the studies and curricula created at Mass General/Harvard Medical School/BHI, HeartMath and Kripalu Institute, respectively, we teach individuals, families, groups, and companies powerful, proven, science backed, stress management techniques in a supported and relaxed educational environment.

"It is by far been the best possible thing I've done for myself/mental health in a very long time." - Stacey, Youth

Program Coordinator

"Expertly explained and taught —all the while creating a positive, peaceful atmosphere." - Mary, author, actor 

"The Positivity and Resiliency that I have learned is extremely helpful and beneficial and I use it every single day." - Jami, teacher, explorer

"The concepts are made accessible and usable in everyday life.  Learn them, use them and share the appreciation of the magic....it was transformational for me!"   - Kelly, business owner

How Do I Begin?

Aimee Lamendola

 -  HeartMath Certification 

 -  BHI/Mass General Positivity and Relaxation Training (PART) Certification

 - EYRT-500 Yoga Certification 

 - MBSR Training

Brienne Colby Sembrat

 -  Mindful Outdoor Guide Certification

 - Wilderness First Responder Certification

-Communications Specialist

-MBSR Training

breatheIN2IT is a Certified Provider of PART, HeartMath, and Mindful Outdoor Experiences. 

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