HeartMath teaches techniques that create ‘coherence’ in the body and brain.  Coherence could be likened to but is different from the Relaxation Response which we access through meditation.  Like the RR, coherence is a measurable and health promoting physiological state. The four week course dovetails with PART in that in takes a deeper dive into our energy drains and gains through emotions. The courses enhance eachtother.

HeartMath also teaches and provides us with potential to deeply understand not only ourselves better but to understand how we are connected to and infuence all of humanity/living world.  A main pillar of the HeartMath is an emphasis on accessing heart based emotions, such as peace, love, kindness, care.   HeartMath is a feel good and self empowering program 


Energy and Stress Management, Emotional Control,  Resilience, Connection


You will learn strategies to help you de-stress from challenging situations


You will learn techniques to help build resilience and better sustain energy. 

Become Aware

You will learn how you may be depleting energy and how it can be restored.


You will practice science backed techniques that change the way you respond to a stressful situation.


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Pittsburgh, PA

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