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At breatheIn2IT, we believe strongly in the power and longevity of education that is seated in intention, awareness and practice.  Repetition and accountability seed change/learning and help to root the new techniques and concepts. The benefits of a live course within like-minded community and bouyed by consistent support is a primary tenet of our business. Many of your students discuss how attempts at stress management and happier living have fizzled due to lack of support within the self-help, book, magazine and app areas.  We offer a life-animated experience where feedback, guidance and inquiry are key. 

Validated science, research and experienced positive result is the fertile soil from which we build curriculum and teach. Additionally, we believe in ongoing support and building relationships that encourage the education to become life long, lasting change for the better. 

Our courses enhance and build on each other with the ultimate and attainable goal of an invaluable 21st century stress reduction and peace promoting triad (mind/body balance, heart forward, nature connected) of readily accessible tools to handle whatever may come your way. You can live more relaxed from moment to moment, day to day, year to year.  

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About BreatheIN2IT

BreatheIN2IT is a wellness startup based in Pittsburgh, PA that provides evidence-based MindBody programs for anxiety relief and stress management. 

Founded by Aimee Lamendola and Brienne Sembrat in 2019, BreatheIN2IT mainly uses HeartMath teachings, the PART method and the healing power of nature to help its customers move from fear-based thinking, anxiety and overwhelm to a life filled with joy, wonder and authentic happiness. 

For more information visit https://www.breathein2it.com or contact the owners at info@breathein2it.com

About Brienne Sembrat

Brienne is a former competitive athlete, athletic club development director and director of business development for a financial firm. She has worked in leadership, management, event coordination and administration for 25 years. 

Brienne is also a Mindful Outdoor Guide and Wilderness First Responder. A student of mindfulness and lover of all things hiking and nature, she is a proponent and educator in the extreme health benefits of nature experiences for well-being and the current depleting culture of "nature deficit disorder." 

Having experienced first-hand the impact chronic stress can have on our health and wellbeing, she turned to MindBody practices and relaxation techniques under Aimee’s professional guidance and saw her life transformed by simple, yet powerful practices everyone can integrate into their daily lives.

"As a long-time student of Aimee's I have benefited immensely from the life wellness curricula of the PART and HeartMath Programs. Adding nature experiences to the wellness mix is another powerful stress reduction tool in our students' wellness kits."

About Aimee Lamendola

Aimee is a Certified Benson Henry Institute of Mass General Hospital "Positivity, Resilience and Relaxation Program" (PART) Instructor, a HeartMath Certified Coach/Mentor, and an E-RYT 500 Certified Yoga Instructor with over 2500 hours of teaching.  

Based on her own experience with anxiety and overwhelm and her many years of studying various MindBody disciplines with different teachers, Aimee is dedicated to teaching evidence-based MindBody practices and continues to explore the space where science meets the wellness discipline. 

Aimee works with studio classes, individuals, retreat groups, professional groups, hospital staff, school students, athletes, and pediatric and adult oncology patients. She uses the various disciplines, alone or in combination, tailored to the group, to provide the greatest benefits to her clients. 

"I find great satisfaction when able to share with my students how these practices affect physiology and how implementation can reset the baseline and enhance overall well-being. I am a dedicated life-long learner who finds deep enjoyment in continuously refining and improving my curriculum and my ability to reach people with these life-changing practices."

“We are all connected, and each human has a vital contribution to make to our world. Showing up to contribute can feel like an impossible task when you are overwhelmed with stress, anxiety or stuck in the past. My hope is to help people unlock their potential so they can make the highest contribution in this life.”

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