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You feel like you are under a constant cloud of anxiety and stress. You know you should be living in each moment, long for that feeling of joy and wellbeing you perhaps once had. This is the modern dilemma. We are living during a time of stress in epidemic proportions. Wonderfully, you do not have to stay in this mode of "just existing," worry, running and disconnect. Science is showing the way. Intention, education, awareness and practice can pave the road to a life long journey of well-being.

We are Aimee and Brienne,

explorers, adherents and educators of resilience practices studied and validated in our highest research and educational institutions, that empower us to consciously choose our responses to stressful situations, build a toolbox of validated stress-management techniques from which to draw at any moment as needed, and live from a space of inner calm.


Learn how to manage stress and access a life of more peace, heart intelligence, connection, resilience, and positivity.  We teach in live Zoom format where community and education can make true and lasting change a reality.

We invite you to join us!

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There are three primary areas from which we can greatly improve our well-being, backed by science and imperative for thriving in modern culture: 

1. learning to physiologically relax and mitigate perpetual stress wear and tear on body and mind

2. re-connecting with the natural world which holds enormous critical benefits for our well-being 

3. heart based living to guide decisions, stay grounded, connect to self and others


Living from the Heart

Our modern culture often leaves us feeling depleted and disconnected from self, purpose and others. HeartMath teaches connection with intuition, the heart's intelligence and how to get back on track, command stressful events with calm while maintaining an evenness throughout your day.  

When we are living from our heart, we are more in control of our emotions, thoughts,  energy. and the tone we are setting for our families, friends and communities.   Live with confidence and clarity. We’ll show you how.


Return to Wellbeing

(formerly PART)

Sometimes stress gets the better half of us.  Sometimes we can rebound back to a feeling of wellbeing. But when “sometimes” turns into “frequently” or into “usually”, it’s time to pull the break and shift into a different zone in order to preserve and reclaim physiological and emotional wellness. Based on the PART Program from the Benson Henry Institute of Mass General Hospital with contributing Harvard Medical School Research, we can learn to be more aligned with our innate capacity to thrive and can learn to reclaim our joy, health and happiness.


The goal is to step out of the cycle of perpetual stress, and move with intention, awareness, education and practice into a new way of approaching each day,  Begin the self-care journey back to you!


The Nature Connection for Wellness

More and more research tells us about the healing impact of nature and the necessity of reconnection for balance in our lives, health and well-being.  Whether you are long time nature connected or new, mindful nature connection and the new science and practices that can deepen our experience and  profoundly strengthen that connection and the benefits, are for everyone! 

Reconnecting with nature so that it can work its healing magic requires some preparation, an opening of the mind, deep listening, curiosity and a readiness to be changed. Learn, get outside and bring nature inside. We will be your guide into the healing study and practice of mindful nature connection!

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Our Mission

We believe that we all have an innate capacity for serenity and joy. We can learn to access the inner space and the outer natural world from where we can act with love, calm centeredness, connection and confidence. Our programs show you how, when and where to access peace, focus, heart intelligence and natural world connection whenever you need to.

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