Are you ready to help yourself or your group reduce stress, increase resilience, build positivity and live life more in the moment?  
We are in the midst of a world wide stress epidemic that existed before current events. breatheIN2IT Zoom Seminars help you build a "toolbox" of science proven practices and techniques that are used EVERY day to improve well-being, focus, perspective, calm, creativity, self-awareness, kindness, happiness quotient AND can even help you THRIVE in life.
We facilitate Zoom seminars and lead workshops for individuals, teams, businesses, schools, client groups, hospitals staff and patients,
and community groups.  

"It's by far been the best possible thing I've done for myself/mental health in a very long time." - Stacey, Youth

Program Coordinator

"The Positivity and Resiliency that I have learned is extremely helpful and beneficial and I use it every single day." - Jami, teacher, explorer

"The concepts are made accessible and usable in everyday life.  Learn them, use them and share the appreciation of the magic....

it was transformational for me!"   - Kelly, business owner

"Expertly explained and taught —all the while creating a positive, peaceful atmosphere." - Mary, author, actor 

Where are You Now?

  • Does stress and anxiety affect your enjoyment of life? 

  • Do you feel stuck with negativity and fear?

  • How would more positivity benefit you?

  • How would more resilience look in your personal and professional life?

  • Do you have tools to combat and mitigate stress and/or to reframe your thoughts?

  • Would more energy at the end of the day be helpful?

  • Do you long to be more relaxed and more in the moment?

  • Do you value productivity and creativity and wish you could tap into those qualities more often? 

  • How motivated are you to help yourself or your group?  

How Do I Begin?

I am Ready to Change My Daily Well-being or the Well-being of my group/patients/company/staff with  Research Proven Curriculum and Techniques 

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Shadow on Concrete Wall

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Mindful Nature Connection

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Who We Are

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